bathroom renovations on a budget

Bathroom renovations on a budget

Do you require a bathroom renovation on a budget.Here at Angel plumbers we are a family operated business with more than 20 years experience.We offer the best advice to our clients to ensure they have the best bathroom renovations on a budget.


Planning is critical in bathroom renovations.In order to save money look around plumbing hardwares and tile shops to determine your choices.Make notes of prices and availability at different hardwares and negotiate for better prices.Most often we get better prices than the client.The client pays per invoice.We don’t put a mark up on these items we pass the discount on to our clients.

Bathroom renovation on a budget can really stress  you out,with all the choices and decisions you have to make.We take away your stress in guiding you in the right direction.Remember we are doing these bathroom renovations everyday for the past 20 years and know your worries.DONT STRESS!

Bathroom renovations can cost a small fortune that’s why it is imperative that you get the right person for the job.You don’t want to buy the best items for you bathroom only for it to be fitted on incorrectly.In bathroom renovations most of the cost is with purchasing of materials don’t get  an incorrect installer.The norm is to get 3 quotes (remember compare apples with apples)e.g. You get different grades of pipes and the prices vary substantially.One installer can quote you on the lowest grade pipe and therefore his quote will be lower.You rather spend a little bit more now ,it could save you a lot later.

Try to get an installer that does the tiling as well.Most often the plumbing is done and the plumber is gone and then the tiler comes in .If there is any discrepancy they blame one another.You don’t want that.

Lastly.You don’t have to buy expensive materials for your small bathroom renovations.Just make sure you get decent quality materials.If installed properly you can have a beautiful bathroom on a budget.
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Plumbers in midrand

plumbers in midrand

looking for a plumber is no easy task with so many plumbers popping up everywhere.At Angel plumbers we have more than 20 years experience and this enables us to know the needs of our clients thus giving them the best service at an affordable price.

Plumbing advice

1)use good quality cheap imatation

2)cobra ,isca and Hansgrohe are the best taps available

3)kwikot geysers are the tried and tested geyser around .Franke although relatively new do have a good product.(don’t touch any other geyser)

4)don’t ignore leaking taps and simply flush money down the drain